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As you can probably determine from the word “pack,” this adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 For Sale release involves more than one pair of shoes. The pack contains the Air Jordan 13 and the Air Jordan 14 to commemorate Michael Jordan’s final championship while playing with the Bulls. They’re going to follow a multi-color scheme with the Air Jordan 13 featuring a mainly white upper and Air Jordan 14 going the opposite way by utilizing a mainly black body.
The adidas NMD Human Race For Sale makes use of a white and gold color combination with white taking up most of the shoes. The gold shade is confined mainly to the bottom part of the kicks, running parallel to the soles and beautifully contrasting with the white. In order to add some texture to the overall design, the quarter panel is adorned with a seemingly-perforated surface. The laces are rounded and plain white, making them easily replaceable. Adorning the center of the tongue is the Jumpman icon, this one stitched in an outstanding shade of red. Following the typical Air Jordan 13 pattern, a slash of gold can be seen curving near the heels. Another marble-like design wraps off the silhouette along the side portion of the heels.
In contrast, the adidas NMD R1 Singapore quarter panel displays a linear design that adds depth and texture to the product. It also makes use of the gold accent but in a smaller amount compared to the Air Jordan 14. The Jumpman icon can be seen on the heels, this time simply traced so that the color is similar to the rest of the shoes. The symbol 98 is placed just below the Jumpman in the same style. Adding a dash of elegance, there’s a gold symbol along the side of the kicks, providing a pleasant island to the black leather.

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