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Definitely an eye-catching pair, the Best Jordans Shoes “CEO” is set to hit the stands this year and leave everyone clamoring for more. The good news about these kicks is that they’ll be available in large numbers while its counterpart, the Air Jordan 16 “CEO” will only be available in 2,300 pairs. The question is, which one should you choose?
One of the new Latest Jordans Shoes, the 32 is a nod to Michael Jordan’s latest move in the sports industry. No longer has a player, His Airiness decided to become a majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets franchise, effectively giving him the title of CEO. This is why the Air Jordan 32 takes after the typical colors of the Hornets with just a few adjustments in the name of artistic license.The kicks are a beautiful combination of black, green, and just a touch of violet. The midsoles are done in white but we’re not counting that when describing the colorway of the kicks
To start off, you can instantly see the Cheap Jordan Shoes logo on the shoes, holding a place of prominence along the bottom side portion near the heels. The icon is done in an alien-green coloring, allowing it to really stand out from the clean white background.
The body of the shoes is done primarily in a shade of blue-black. The hint of violet can be seen from the slits up front, barely more than a thread running through the kicks. Despite being small, there’s no question that the violet threads added a layer of dimension to the shoes.From the front right in the center of the tongue is the Wings logo, beautifully outlined in purple while the main logo is done in black. This helps seamlessly incorporate the design to the quiet cleanliness of the kicks.

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