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This Drop Jordan release in 2017 carries the color of “Wheat” with the official colors strictly being Golden Harvest and Sail Golden Harvest. Now, unless you’re an art major, you’ll note that the color is really just a beautiful combination of what appears to be brown and gold. It’s tough to pin down the actual shading – but if Nike prefers to call it “Wheat”, who are we to argue?
The texture of the Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96 themselves is worth noting. Rugged and pockmarked, the wheat color is beautifully contrasted by the whiteness of the soles. Other than the white soles however, everything else is done in the wheat coloring with just slightly different shadings.
What makes these Buty Jordan Sklep distinctive? The silhouette itself is the tipping factor as the shoes offer a display of layered suede that just jumps out of the panel. Instead of going crazy with various colors, Air Jordan opted for the tried and tested method of letting the silhouette do the talking for them. With the Air Jordan “Golden Harvest”, you can easily decipher an amazing structure of depth and shades.
To make these Cheap Air Max even more amazing, the Jumpman icon can be seen right on the center of the tongue. The tongue by the way, is done in a deeper shade of brown-gold with the Jumpman primarily white and a tad larger than the typical icon. On the top you can see the words JORDAN embossed in the darker shade of brown-gold. The lace lock is the same color as the tongue and displays the Jumpman icon.

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Dark Grey is a big color scheme this year as Best Jordans Shoes rolls out another pair, this time under the Air Jordan 12 silhouette. Suffice to say, the kicks are still as good looking as ever with the Dark Grey color combination adding to the line of classics in the market today.One of the top new Jordans in the market today, this particular pair boasts of the classic grey-grey combination. It’s a little understated at first look, but you’ll soon appreciate the sophistication of the kicks as you check out every small detail it has to offer.
The Latest Jordans Shoes name is exactly right as this Air Jordan 12 sports a grayish hue from every angle. The intensity of the shade is the only thing that changes as you look over the body, specifically the soles of the shoes which provide a sleeker surface compared to the rest of the body. True to the Air Jordan 12 silhouette, there’s a snake-like surface running along the vamp parallel with the line of the soles of the shoes.
The metallic gold eyelets add a dash of Cheap Jordan Shoes in the mix, making no mistake that the Air Jordan 12 “Dark Grey” is part of AJ royalty. The eyelets sport an unmistakable Jumpman logo beautifully embossed on the surface. Aside from the Jumpman on metallic gold, the same logo can be seen at the center of the tongue. This particular icon sports a slightly fainter hue of grey with a clear outline that’s hard to miss. From the back is the same Jumpman logo but with the Jordan words vertically traveling down the path of the heel.
The laces are done in dark grey with a circular pattern. It’s a fairly good mix with the overall body of the shoes although you might have a hard time replacing the laces if you lose them so just make sure you don’t.All in all, it’s a good buy and should be an ideal choice for both men and women – provided that the ladies out there can find one their size!

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